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We are a USA based company with office in Idaho and partners in Europe We are looking for agents/distributors for our following cosmetics line: These cosmetics are formulated with organic herbs and pure oil components.Each product has been developed in accordance with USA and Eu regulations1. Thermal Spring water spray: The termal water has been formulated as pray for oil skin.With its rich mineral composition ;iron helping oxygen transport,magnesium activating cell renewal,potassium supporting nervous system,anti -aging selenium and calcium protecting tissues from external factors.Our thermal water has been extracted from under 2500 meters. 2. Mud Mask (Red Clay) : Our mud mask has been formulated with antique red clay particles from thermal zone and has a profound care on skin.Red clay takes its purifying property from its structures of iron oxide,and removes blackheads and pustules (acne and comedon) caused by bacteria.This product has also been enriched with organic olive oil,ylang,ylang and rosewood tree oils. The properties remove dead skin which in turn promotes healthier and smoother skin..This product also reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated to be effective against future damage and development of wrinkles.It is suitable for all skin types.However, amount of application depends on skin type. 3. Karite-vitamin E care cream: This moisturizing cream has been formulated with shea karite, produced from the Karite nut tree .This daily protective cream contains cinnamic acid,which provides people with a Natural sunscreen and protects from the sun's damaging UV rays. Antioxidant molecules in it, prevent and neutralize free radicals damaging cell structure. Vitamin E,supportive cream includes nutritive components ; arachis, walnut and castor oil.It prevents muscle stretch by supporting collagen development. Vitamin F calms dry skin. This product is ideal for all skin types. It can be applied on hands ,face and body,especially after bath. 4. Peeling (Red Clay): Had been formulated as a purifying care product with its thermal spring water and herbal essences.The natural scent of antique red clay particle has been protected. This kind of process protects your body and skin from bacteria and removes possibilities ofof black head and pustules(acne and comedone) .This kind of application is a great alimentary for skin types and the amount of peeling and massage setting depend on skin type. apply gently onto your face or body with finger tips.Keep rubbing till it starts to dry,rinse with warm water 5.Anti-Aging. Prevents wrinkles formulated with mineral composition and natural fatty acids.It is ideal for all skin types,including sensitive and worn out skin.Its miraculous manuronic acid is provided from seaweed laminaria.6. Orchid and Jasmin Shampoo: Include herb extraxts and vitamins that restores and nourishes scalp and hair foliclesExotic Shampoo: Eliminates dandruff and adds extra strenght to hair.This product is also ideal for dry damaged and dyed hair types. Baby Shampoo: With its non - irritant formulation makes you feel naturalness that you and your baby deserve.Its antioxidant and antibiotic originates fromgreen tea and garlic essencce. In addition to herbal oil essence;macademia oil,nutritive arachis (peanut) oil,primrose oil, and tissue renovator argan oil provide moisturizing effect. With ingredient of thermal spring water,sanicie nettle, and black raspberry from Yalova,it is rich in vitamin and ideal for for delicate scalp for babies. This product is also has anti inflamatory and antiseptic properties that help your baby sleep peacefully Daily CleanserA super cleansing formula that washes away make-up, dirt and other impurities. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. In addition to the antioxidant protection of Vitamin C, this product is enriched with:


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1. Personal Care Products: Cosmetics


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