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We produce quality natural cosmetics TM SIBERINA - natural cosmetics from Siberian herbs.I would like to offer you our products.We have a huge range of natural cosmetics of high quality.All products you can look at or in a price list below.Shipping: FOB or FCA.Payment methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit card, Money Gram, Western Union.Price list in the attachment.The presentation file will be sent by your request, because it is very big.Our wholesale price more than low. You can put a high retail margin, and the product will sell like crazy. Because marketing story is outstanding - the products are from Siberia and the name of the brand refers to this.We can OEM, ODM, OBMI will be glad to cooperation. Please inquire.Sincerely,Sergei MerinovTel. +78332419050Fax +78332341300WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE COSMETICS TM SIBERINA?SIBERINA is a Russian company that creates unique and 100% natural cosmetics.We produce for our customers is effective and completely safe cosmetics. At all stages of production strict quality control. Each product has the necessary certificates. Our products are not tested on animals.Siberia is a precious "treasure" of Russia. Tens of thousands of kilometers of meadows, steppes and forests of this magnificent part of the planet. Volatile harsh climate most of the Siberian regions is forcing the plants to adapt to it, accumulating the maximum amount of nutrients. That is why the herbs of Siberia famous for its therapeutic and antioxidant properties. Thousands of herbs, berries and trees give all your favour to the person, giving a natural healing of the body, youth and beauty for years to come.The nature of Siberia is a place almost untouched by the technology. The purity of the natural wealth rightfully can be called the Siberia of the last place on Earth where to save the virgin purity of nature, without human intervention. Therefore, all the plants really are medicinal, and cosmetics comprising them.Based on various investigations and analyses, we have created unique recipes cosmetics Siberina, which has no analogues neither in Russia nor abroad. All the power of Siberian herbs and berries, we saved practically in a primordial form. So you were able to experience the value of the useful properties of plants.All the ingredients used for our cosmetics are made in places of gathering of plants, which qualitatively affects the preservation of useful properties. A careful selection of herbs, formulation, preserving maximum amounts of vitamins and micronutrients, contributes to the creation of natural cosmetics aimed at healthier skin and hair.We create for you a truly unique makeup that you can preserve their natural beauty and health for years to come.ONLY THE BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTSSIBERINA products are manufactured at our own production facility in Kirov (Kirov region), Russia of the best natural certified components, the safety of which has been proven by laboratory and clinical tests.We do not test our products on animals. Evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic products is carried out solely by analytical methods, the final stage which is the testing of the product on volunteers. Our products are also no ingredients of animal origin.Today SIBERINA has a fairly wide range, which includes solid and liquid Soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels, salts and bombs for baths, shaving products, hand creams, different creams and much more. The company SIBERINA not going to stop work on the development of new formulations and products are conducted every day, our range is constantly updated.PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN:* Sulfates (SLS, ALS, LSN and others)* Mineral oil* Parabens* Propylene glycol* Artificial preservatives* Artificial flavors* Artificial colorsOUR ADVANTAGES:* Unique recipes and technologies of SIBERINA brand.* High quality raw materials.* Our goal is healthy skin, teeth and hair person.* Product quality conforms to all European norms and standards guaranteed safety.* Blend of 100% natural ingredients in cosmetics and manual labor with the appropriate cost, which is available to every woman.Siberia is the last clean place on Earth. Think about it! Our cosmetics TM SIBERINA created from extracts of pure natural vegetation of Siberia.Read more on


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer


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1. Personal Care Products: Cosmetics


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worldAfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth America


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$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000

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10 - 100


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